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Using Filters to Sort E-Mail

Dec 10, 2010
Posted by V A Shiva

If you receive a lot of E-Mail and your Inbox is getting too cluttered to focus on the important E-Mails, it would be a good idea to use filters in your E-Mail client to sort incoming E-Mail automatically.

First of all, you need to create new folders in your E-Mail client. Give them easily identifiable names like Friends, Work, Golf etc. Now you need to create filters which will act upon incoming E-Mail. You could set up a filter to send all incoming E-Mails from friends to go to the Friends folder. To do this, you need to tie your fiends' E-Mail IDs to the filter that forwards them to the Friends folder. Similarly, with other categories like Work, etc. You will find that your Inbox does not look too intimidating soon enough!

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